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Michael Pozzan Wines

Michael Pozzan Winery

The pleasure of good wine is not just about balanced flavors, a fragrant nose, or lush colors. It’s also about the moment when that first sip is taken, with family or friends, over favorite foods or during special occasions.

Michael Pozzan creates wines for moments like those, wines that capture the best of the varietals he blends, vintage after vintage. His long-time experience with growers from premier Napa and Sonoma allows him to seek out and hand-select exceptional fruit each growing season in addition to his own Calistoga vineyard. These are wines of high quality and exceptional value — wines you’ll want to share with those you love, and with those who love wine. Michael Pozzan Winery currently produces 100,000 cases per year and distributes wine under several labels sold throughout the United States.

Featured Wines

Yount Mill Road is a hidden gem of asphalt in the Napa Valley. On the border of Yountville and Oakville, this seldomly driven road boasts views of vineyards, cattle, goats, and few structures. Just like the House on the label, this wine represents the luxury and the love of Napa Valley.

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Our flagship wine since 1996. This wine had to be the best for whom its named after - Michael's wife. As a Cabernet dominate Bourdeaux blend, the best fruit is reserved for this wine and at times can only be found in California.

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Los Carneros is at the southern tip of the Napa Velley where it is met by water. The cool climate along with the rich soil makes this Napa based Carneros Pinot Noir a treat with its limited production.

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Oakville Zinfandel coming from behind Michael and Mary Ann's house.  You don't find much Zin in Oakville since it is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon vines.  Therefore you'll want to try a wine as impressive and scarce as this!

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A great alternative to Napa, Alexander Valley has been known for years as a premier growing region for Cabernet in Sonoma.  Fruit forward style of Cabernet that still has layers of complexity.

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