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Michael Pozzan Wines

To all of life's moments...
the early mornings, late nights,
and crazy times in between.

Giapoza celebrates
our winemaking family's
newest member, and 5th
generation, Gianna Pozzan.

This rosé was made in the Vin Gris style - ripe Mourvèdre and Grenache grapes were picked and pressed whole cluster. The very short amount of time the juice is exposed to the red grape skins in the press imparts only the most delicate of color and aromas to the resulting juice.

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With packaging as beautiful as the wine, this Pinot Noir strikes an incredible balance of fruit and spice. Made to pair well with food, it is a must-have for your next dinner party.

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This California appelated Cabernet has tremendous depth thanks to a base of Napa Cabernet. With smooth tannins and a strong finish, this bottle will blow you away for the price.

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