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Michael Pozzan Wines

Limited Production Wines

These wines are limited in quantity and not always avalible every year. They exemplify higher quality as the wines are chosen from specific vineyards in the sub appellations of Napa.


Oakville Zinfandel coming from behind Michael and Mary Ann's house.  You don't find much Zin in Oakville since it is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon vines.  Therefore you'll want to try a wine as impressive and scarce as this!

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Napa 1847 was bottled in honor of the year that Napa Valley officially became a county. It marks the beginning of a long progression of winemaking tradition that is now recognised as one of the leading wine appellations in the world.

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Our flagship wine since 1996. This wine had to be the best for whom its named after - Michael's wife. As a Cabernet dominate Bourdeaux blend, the best fruit is reserved for this wine and at times can only be found in California.

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