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Michael Pozzan Wines


Matthew Joseph is named after the youngest son of the Pozzan family.  After years of working in the industry with other producers, Matthew joined the family business and at the same time also created his own label.  Having gained insight into winery techniques from esteemed winemakers, his wines represent a fruit forward style that is playful enough for the everyday wine drinker and serious enough for the tough critics.  With a blend of family tradition and innovative concepts, Matthew Joseph wines are sure to satisfy those who try it.


A classic Napa Valley Chardonnay that has seen 10 months in French oak.  This wine offers good oak and weight on the mouth but still has enough acidity to not get lost in of lighlt oak notes. 

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Matthew Joseph Cabernet is meant to show what the fruit from Napa is all about.  Big lush fruit and tannins meant to be enjoyed with protein like steak and pork.

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