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Michael Pozzan Wines

Michael Pozzan
May 2, 2018 | Sales & Marketing | Michael Pozzan

On The Road Again

After traveling from Texas, where Dante finished doing wine events in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, he met me in Atlanta, Georgia to introduce our Matthew Joseph wines to our new distributor, Quality. We met with all of their managers and tasted through the wines over a wonderful lunch at the Blue Ridge Grill. If you ever make it there, try the lobster Cobb salad. It was delicious! The group was very impressed with the quality of the wines and felt that they over delivered. We look forward to building the brand with such a prestigous distributor.

Later that day, we flew to Charleston, South Carolina, where we met up with my lovely wife, Mary Ann. We were in town to participate in The Country Vintner's annual trade show. This year it was held at the Cigar Factory in the Cedar Room. Great venue! Buyers came from all over the state to taste wines from all of the producers they represent. For us, we had a great response to our wines, but the two that really stood out that day were the Michael Pozzan Russian River Pinot Noir and the Sailor's Grave. I think it's safe to say that we made some new fans.

The Country Vintner's annual trade show

Bright and early on Monday it was back to Napa and trying to get caught up. Wednesday morning will find us tasting through Cabernet barrels to put the 2015 Marianna blend togther. I will let you know the outcome later in the week. 


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