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The wine industry is a very large and uniqe business.  While many of us drink wine on a regular basis there are general questions of what we do to produce and sell it.  We hope that this blog offers some insight on what we do on a weekly basis written by members of the family.

Michael Pozzan
April 27, 2018 | Michael Pozzan

A Trip Back East

Just returned from Cleveland, Ohio this week and had a great trip. Participated in the Grapes Under Glass event sponsored by Heinen's Market's. On Thursday evening we poured our 2014 Napa Valley Sailors Grave Cabernet Sauvignon that was paired with a wonderful pork entree, flavored with Moroccan spices and served on a flat-bread accompanied by a yogurt and cilantro sauce. The subtle nuances of the wine paired perfectly with the pork.

Two days later we poured our Giapoza Cabernet and Pinot Noir at their Gala event along with 35 other wineries. Truly a memorable night! The event brought out some serious wine drinkers and connoisseurs. 

My youngest son, Matt, accompanied me on the trip, and offered a great deal of insight to the Giapoza wines since it was named after his daughter, Gianna Pozzan. We just introduced this wine only a few months ago and it has been met with rave reviews. Only home for a couple of days and then off to Atlanta, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina for another wine event. 

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