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Michael Pozzan Wines

Michael Pozzan
May 24, 2018 | Sales & Marketing | Michael Pozzan

Taste The World

Mary Ann, Dante and I attended Henry Wine Group's Taste of the World Monday at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. The event name is a nod to the array of varietals offered, and it gives wine buyers from restaurants and retail stores the unique opportunity to taste wines from around the globe.  Dante hosted the Michael Pozzan booth for five hours and poured wine for old & new fans alike. Events like these are a favorite, and gives us an opportunity to really get to know our customers and share our story & family history.

Like all good evenings, the night was wrapped up at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in San Francisco, Perbacco. Pictured is the roast duck breast in a rhubard (surprisingly pronounced "rhu-bar") sauce with braised greens and roasted green strawberries. We'll take two please!

roast duck breast in a rhubard


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